Micro Switches

Control and Signaling

Interruptores de posição

Position Switches

Interruptores de Segurança

Safety Switches

Interruptores de Pedal

Foot Switches
Plugues e Tomadas

Plugs and Connectors
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MM Series
MV Series
M3 Series
MK Series
MC Series
MF Series
MX Series

Control and

C Series
C9 Series
TB Series
TC Series

Position Switches LB Series
LE Series
LES Series
LC Series
LQ Series
LP Series
LM Series
GL Series
Safety Switches LES Series
Foot Switches SP Series
SF Series
SD Series
SK Series
SE Series
Plugs and Connectors PB Series
PC Series
PD Series
PH Series
PN Series
PT Series
PE Series
 Cables Gland ZA Series